Trust. We advise companies from different sectors and different sizes, from start-ups to medium-sized and largest Slovenian companies. We build successful and lasting relationships with our clients. Our clients entrust us with their most important and complex business matters. Our business principles, excellence, personal initiatives and responsibility are fundamental for our long-term success. When solving tax-related, commercial and other issues from different fields of specialisation, we connect with the leading external experts.

Experience. With our professional, critical and distinct achievement-oriented approach, we successfully provide complete, high quality and up-to-date legal solutions. We have the ability to discover the essence of the issues that are entrusted to us daily. We strive for legal advice in an effective, clear and concise manner. Documents are prepared in English language. We follow the development of law in the field of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data processing.

Custom made. Our clients’ success is our success. We understand that clients do not have legal but business issues and opportunities. That is why as business-minded attorney we invest significant time and effort into understanding the client’s business situation and what a successful business outcome for the client represents. We assist our clients with integration of our legal advice into their business environment in cooperation with their employees. A personal and individual approach enables us to anticipate in advance the challenges that our clients can face, instead of tackling problems when they occur.

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